3-10 PartnersDeveloping People, Passion and PerformanceDeveloping People, Passion and Performance

Mission Statement

3-10 Partners’ mission is to deliver innovative approaches for procuring services, engaging clients and helping organizations achieve business objectives and improve financial performance.

3-10 Partners’ expertise and experience includes negotiating and building global relationships within the following areas:

Media, Creative, Digital, Social, Branding, Public Relations, Market Research and related Commercial services

Staff Alignment and Restructuring Services

Strategic Sourcing and Cash Flow Management
•Strategic Sourcing and Negotiation Services
•Cost Savings/Avoidance
•Payment Terms
•Supply Chain Financing

Travel, Meetings and Events, Fleet Management and related services

Negotiation Advice and Coaching

Acquisition and Divestiture Services

3-10 Partners LLC

3-10 Partners was inspired by the desire to provide organizations with innovative procurement and strategic sourcing expertise, negotiation advice and coaching, supplier/client relationship management support, acquisition and divestiture expertise and other related services. 3-10 Partners delivers expertise to both suppliers and clients. The company’s unique and creative solutions lead to enhanced relationships, improved business results, and long-term partnerships.


Global healthcare company—Alameda, CA

“I have known Amy Haney for many years during her tenure at Abbott.  She has been one of my mentors in the field of Marketing Services at a multi-billion dollar corporation working at high level and visibility capacity.  Amy is a great leader, motivator and role model.  She breathed new life into the Global Procurement organization and was able to encourage her employees, colleagues and Executive Management to adopt new ways of thinking about business, negotiations and decision making. Her dedication to her profession is remarkable. Amy is one of the most dependable, organized and enthusiastic people I know."


Global marketing services agency—New York, NY

"Amy is the consummate professional and one of the most knowledgeable procurement professionals I have worked with.  Her level headed approach, in-depth understanding of the marketplace, best practices, and her ability to achieve mutually beneficial agreement is a unique talent. In short, she is one of the best."


Global healthcare company – Chicago, IL

“I worked with Amy for many years and we partnered on advertising and media related contracts, negotiations and other agency management issues.

Amy provides great guidance and support to both me and our agencies to help ensure a mutually beneficial relationship, built on a strategic partnership with our agencies and deliverables based on performance.

Amy understands the advertising space and raised the bar on what Procurement can offer a marketing organization.”


Global healthcare company – Columbus, OH

“Amy is an outstanding win-win negotiator who is focused on understanding the perspective of her client as well as the supplier.  She is diligent in assembling the facts of current state and then collaborating with the client to align on a direction to take during negotiations.  Amy is a strong leader and coach and is focused on achieving results that create a win-win for both parties.”