We Resolve Complex Services Issues

3-10 Partners LLC

3-10 Partners has proven expertise providing global organizations with unique and creative solutions to address complex procurement and strategic sourcing challenges. We support clients in achieving strategic goals and objectives while strengthening internal and external relationships. With over 25+ years of experience, 3-10 Partners helps organizations overcome business obstacles through unique interactions with both clients and suppliers resulting in long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Services include negotiation advice and coaching, strategic sourcing expertise, client/supplier relationship management, acquisition and divestiture expertise, assessment of procurement organizational structures, and other related services. 3-10 Partners’ services benefit both suppliers and clients, leading to enhanced relationships, improved business results, and long-term partnerships.

Following are areas of expertise that clients of 3-10 Partners can expect to receive:


3-10 Partners has proven expertise providing organizations with unique and innovative ways of working within the multifaceted marketing and creative services vertical. We understand the business challenges that both clients and suppliers face in this important and ever-changing space. We bring a thorough understanding of the marketplace and work strategically to ensure results are achieved for our clients. The steps we take to understand the marketplace and client/supplier relations are the foundation for enabling clients to achieve strategic goals and objectives.

  • Media
  • Creative
  • Digital
  • Social
  • Branding
  • Public Relations & Market Research
  • related Commercial Services

Strategic Sourcing and Cash Flow Management:

3-10 Partners provides clients with a range of strategic sourcing services to improve cash flow management. Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Strategic Sourcing and Negotiation Services –We work closely with clients to negotiate and strategically source critical services that enable organizations to function and grow. We specialize in marketing, travel, fleet, and related services.
  • Cost Savings/Avoidance – We help organizations achieve sustainable P&L savings by working with them to negotiate cost savings and avoiding unnecessary increases. We do this by taking deliberate steps to fully understand marketplace conditions and supplier and client goals and objectives.
  • Contract Review and Spend Analysis – We provide clients with an extensive review of procurement contracts and identify opportunities for additional savings and potential areas of risk. Through this process, we also perform spend and supplier analysis to identify additional opportunities to consolidate and leverage these areas.
  • Payment Terms – We partner in a transparent way to enable organizations to understand and align with cash flow goals (e.g., payment terms) with solutions that enable “win-win” outcomes for clients and suppliers.
  • Supply Chain Financing – We seek to understand client and supplier goals and work with them to negotiate mutually beneficial financing solutions.

Travel, Meetings and Events, Fleet Management and Related Services

3-10 Partners provides clients with new approaches that challenge long held beliefs within this sector. With the rapid evolution of technology, it is important for organizations to establish long-term strategies that leverage technology to achieve improved services, decreased costs, increased transparency, cost avoidance, and improved customer experiences.

Negotiation Advice and Coaching

3-10 Partners is passionate about providing coaching and mentoring to its clients and their employees. We do this by working closely with each person to understand their strengths and challenges and develop a tailored approach utilizing real world examples and direct coaching during actual negotiations. This process of one-on-one and small group coaching allows people to grow and develop in rewarding ways that will positively impact their lives and professions. 3-10 Partners prides itself on developing people to achieve growth and improved business acumen.

Acquisition and Divestiture Services

3-10 Partners has extensive experience working through a procurement lens with global and national acquisitions and divestitures. Expertise includes extensive contract review and negotiations, leading procurement contract negotiations, savings reviews and validation, legal and finance interface, and executive level interactions in support of strategic goals and objectives.

Staff Alignment and Restructuring Services

3-10 Partners has expertise in developing and aligning organizational structures within the procurement and strategic sourcing areas. Today’s complex procurement environment necessitates that organizational structures are strategically aligned to ensure that savings and cash flow targets are achieved. We provide clients with an organizational structure review and assessment based on spend analysis and strategic goals.